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Steve Bannon

After the Charlottesville debacle and the fragmentation of the Alt Right, Steve Bannon left the White House to take over the leadership at Breitbart. Here is what Bannon thinks of the crowd that helped elect Donald Trump, “Ethno-nationalism–it’s losers. It’s a fringe element. I think the media plays it up too much, and we gotta help crush it, you know, uh, help crush it more. These guys are a collection of clowns.”

Bannon will lead the unabashedly pro-Israel propaganda organ Breitbart. Here is some history on Breitbart and its founders Larry Solov and Andrew Breitbart:

Breitbart News Network: Born In The USA, Conceived In Israel

Wil S. Hyltonaug wrote in his article, “Down the Breitbart Hole”, The New York Times Magazine, (16 August 2017):

“No criticism of Breitbart irritates its leadership more than the charge of anti-Semitism. That’s partly because many of the top figures at Breitbart, including Andrew Breitbart, Larry Solov and the entire editorial team when the site relaunched in 2012 — Joel Pollak, Ben Shapiro and Alex — were all of Jewish descent, but also because a fundamental commitment on the site is to a borderline fanatical advocacy for Israel.”